Content Marketing Strategy

Robust Content & Planning

Content Research is a must for any website that wishes to rank #1 on Google. Not only is having content a crucial need for SEO, but having well-written and SEO optimized content is paramount. The first step in this process is research. Content Research is the essential step in creating great content. This research includes understanding how to write for your niche, and how to beat your competition.

Article Keyword Research and Selection

Article keyword selection is a crucial part of showing up as #1 on Google for your niche. There are several reasons why this is the case. The first reason is that choosing the right keyword allows you to show up for searches that are most likely to result in a purchase. Secondly, the right keywords will help you to target your audience more accurately. Finally, picking the right keywords gives you an opportunity to beat out your competition.

Competitor Content Gap Analysis

Competitor content analysis is the process of analyzing the content of your top competitors to understand what makes it tick. Competitor content analysis is a great way to improve your own content marketing strategy. 

By understanding what’s working for your competition, you can learn from their successes and avoid their mistakes. At Something Inc., utilizing content analysis is a crucial way that we help our clients improve their online visibility.