Linen Salvage Et Cie

A California-based Bedding Manufacturer


A Luxury bedding brand from Los Angeles focused on expertly dyed fabrics and hand-crafted soft goods. Linen Salvage supports the local textile industry in an effort to keep manufacturing as close to home as possible.


To build out a strong e-commerce platform that both engages its users and unifies the brand. Linen Salvage has a strong emphasis on the local community and handmade goods that are produced nearby. This message is the backbone of our work with the company.

Our Work

Our work with Linen Salvage Et Cie. increased unique visitors to its website by 65% in the first two months. In addition, our work drastically reduced the bounce rate while increasing conversions substantially. We also managed to grow its social media following on Instagram to over 15,000 within six months