Ugly Juice Case Study

Ugly Juice

Case Study

A San Francisco-based Juice Delivery Start-Up


A San-Francisco-based Juice delivery start-up that provides local businesses with fresh-pressed juice. The juice is made from produce that would otherwise be discarded, offering both sustainability and convenience.


To build a cohesive SEO strategy that promotes the colorful sustainability and eco-conscious nature of the company and its home in San Francisco, CA.

Our Work

Our work with Ugly Juice increased its organic traffic by 42% within the first six months. Additionally, we created strategies for long-term brand awareness and growth.

Our long-term strategy involved building geo-specific awareness and a correlation between Ugly Juice and its eco-conscious goals. 

6 Month Metric Increase*

1 %
Organic Traffic
1 %
Social media engangement
1 +
First Page Keywords

*These results are not a guarantee of future performance.

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